Things You Can Do When a Contest Page Glitches Out

 Contest Website Glitches

Contests have glitches! It's all just part of the hobby and it's one of those frustrating things you have to kind of put up with. No computer program is perfect and humans make mistakes and it can happen that you go to enter a contest and the form just doesn't work. 

There are a few things you can do when this happens. Always remember that patience is a huge part of this fun and rewarding hobby.

Things You Can Do About Contest Glitches

1. Leave it and come back in 24 hours

I generally don't worry too much if a contest glitches out in the first day or two of the contest. I just bookmark the contest page and I come back in 24 hours to try again. Usually by then the glitches have been found and fixed. 

2. You can reach out to the brand on social media

Sometimes reaching out to a brand on social media is the fastest way to get someones attention about an issue. This doesn't mean run to their social pages and be rude and complain! This means send a polite message asking if they could check into why their contest website isn't fully working. They usually have the best email address to contact on their end to get it looked at quickly. 

3. Send an Email

Look at the rules if you can access them to see if there is a contact email for that particular contest. If you can't access the rules check around the website for a contact us link and send them an email explaining the issue you are running into. 

4. Try Different Things

Some contests won't work from a cell but load right up on your desktop. Try a few different things before giving up on the contest. Try a couple different browsers and even try to open the page in the incognito window. Oftentimes that will fix the issue and you will be able to enter the contest. Clearing your cookies on whatever device you are using works wonders sometimes as well. 

5. Check the group

One of the great advantages of having my contest group is that we can ask and share when we come across contest glitches. It's a relief sometimes to know others are having the same issues accessing a contest when there is a conversation about it. And just maybe someone else has figured out the issue. 

Wishing You Good Luck!