Bet Your Chances for Prizes with LEO Contests

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Winning with LEO

You all know how much I love LEO! It's one of Canada's largest and most popular survey programs. It pays you with the rewards of your choosing and it's super easy to earn. You also can win prizes every single month. I have actually been with LEO since their start. I don't stick with things that don't work. This works! 

LEO personal Account

What is LEO

LEO is Canada's top rated consumer survey program that you can earn cold hard cash with and win prizes with too.   

Now when you gain your contest entries by completing survey you can put them into the contest you want! WOW! This is an exciting change for us contest lovers! Not only do you earn a cash reward for doing a survey you gain entries into winning.

I can't say enough about this program!

The vast options of ways to cash out your earnings just keeps growing over the years. The screenshot below is just 4 of the favorite rewards you can choose.

LEO rewards

Bet Your Chances in LEO Contests

The first step is to make yourself your free LEO account here.

To see what contests are running each month follow these steps. 

Note I am referring to the app in this post. On the desktop website the layout will be slightly different but very easy to understand.

When you complete any survey you are given a certain number of entries into the monthly contests. You now can pick which contest you want to add those entries too!

It's super simple to add your chances by clicking the plus sign beside whichever contest you want to enter. Make sure to read the rules of each contest individually. You can find the rules under each one.

LEO Menu (Contests)

In the App

  • Click on the top 3 lines on the left
  • Scroll down to contests
  • Pick the contest to put your entries in

From a desktop 

  • Sign into your LEO account ( Make a free account if you don't have one)
  • Click on the Rewards tab at the top of page
  • Scroll down to Contests
  • Click on All Contests

LEO contests

I really like this new way of LEO running their contests. It gives us members more control over what we are hoping to win. There are always numerous contests to enter each month. They also give away prizes on their social media platforms. 

If you love contests LEO is a win, win! Not only do you earn money for doing the quick surveys you gain entries in to win prizes. 

Wishing You Good Luck!