Why and When to Turn Down a Prize

When entering contests you are really hoping to win a prize. But every so often you could win a prize that isn't the right fit for you. You are probably thinking to yourself right now "WHAT!?" any prize would be amazing. That is true but there are prizes that sometimes you have to turn down. 

When to Turn Down a Prize

Reasons You May Have to Turn Down a Prize

Concert tickets and trips are among the top prizes people sometimes have to turn down. Sometimes life's responsibilities have to come before a fun trip, and a prize can't be used. 

Some prizes are time sensitive like a Valentine's dinner for two at a restaurant, or a movie premier that has specific dates. These prizes may be exciting to win, but you may not be able to use them because of prior plans or you won't be in town on those dates. 

Sometimes a contest will have it stipulated in their rules that the winner will pay the shipping costs of the prize. If the cost is too high it might be a prize you need to turn down. 

Local contests often offer prizes that have to be picked up in store. If the prize is just too far for you to travel you may have to give up the prize. If it's going to cost you $100 in fuel to pick up a $25 prize, it doesn't make it worth it. The drive there essentially makes it so that you paid for the prize anyway. 

Ways to Avoid Winning Prizes You Can't Use

When entering a contest for trips or dinners out and other activities make sure to read the rules in full to see the dates.  Check your calendar and see if you are even able to attend before entering. Not only does that save you the disappointment of having to turn down a prize, it saves the sponsor time and resources. 

If you don't have a passport, don't bother entering contests for trips outside of Canada. There are always trips within Canada being given away so stick to those. 

When You Win a Different Prize Then You Hoped 

Sometimes the grand prize is amazing but the secondary prizes are not really of interest to you. You win a smaller prize and you don't really need or want it. These are actually the best prizes in my opinion. 

Put prizes you won't use aside and use them as gifts for birthdays or around the holidays. This is such a money saver when it comes to buying gifts. You can also donate those prizes to a charity or shelter that runs only on donations and could use it. Sharing your win only brings you good karma and the next prize you win will probably be amazing and something you can use. 

How to Turn Down the Prize the Right Way

As soon as you realise that you will not be able to use a prize you won reach out to the sponsor. Please don't ignore your winning email. It's very rude and they took the time to reach out to congratulate you and offer you a prize. 

Email them and politely explain that due to unforeseen circumstances you won't be able to use the prize and that you would love it to go to someone who would get real joy from it. They will then pick another winner.

Don't let it get you down if you have to turn down a prize. There are many more prizes out there you are going to win! 

When it comes to entering contests, do it with others in mind. Don't enter everything because you are new to contesting and just want to win it all. Read the rules and make sure that the contest is open to you. Avoid local contests that are not local to you. 

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Wishing You Good Luck!