What is a Daily Entry Contest?

 Daily Contest - What Does That Mean?

A daily seems self explanatory but I am always amazed by how many people don't understand the term when it is mentioned. Since the Contest Library is all about helping people learn how to enter contests the right way, the honest way and how to win more, here is a short post to explain what a daily contest is. 

If you are new to entering contests make sure to check out the How to Win page before getting started.

Daily Explanation 

A daily contest is a contest that has a complete set of rules that state you can enter once per calendar day. Contests that offer a daily entry option are great because it increases your chances of winning if you actually enter every single day of the contest. 

Before entering any contest the rules should be your first action. You want to look for the limit of entries. If a contest says you can only enter once, make sure you only enter once. You could disqualify yourself from winning at all if you enter more than once. 

Some daily contests want a 24 hour time span to be met before you can enter again. Make sure to follow those guidelines when entering a daily contest. 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!