Legit Product Testing Websites for Canadians

 Want to try products at home totally free? Have you seen product tester offers and wondered if they are legit?

 Let's dispel a myth right away before we get started, about making money to try products at home. No is the bottom line. I know you do a Google search and up comes a million Canadian bloggers telling you that you can get paid to test products but they are misleading you. What you get for trying products at home totally free, is the product! 

Sometimes that product could be something small like a lipstick and other times it could be a brand new coffee maker or vacuum. But your payment is the product totally free mailed right to your home. 

What is product testing at home? 

Product testing at home is a great way to try out the latest products and not have to pay a cent on the product or the shipping. It's a contract between you and the company you are signed up with that you will do your end of the arrangement once you get your product in the mail.

When you receive a free product for trying out at home you are expected to share your honest thoughts and feelings and experience with that particular product. Posting pictures and videos is a large part of that obligation and having social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok are becoming a must to be picked. 

There are only a handful of legitimate companies for Canadians that offer you the opportunity for product testing at home. Don't be fooled by the 25 + product testing companies that pay you click bait titles in ads. They aren't legit and it's a complete waste of your time. 

Legitimate Product Testing Websites


Every month members of Influenster are sent out VoxBox's that are matched to the members profile and questions answered on surveys emailed. 

Having the Influenster app is a must to get into campaigns and access all parts of the program. You can sign into your account online from a computer but you won't be able to access everything you need too. 

There are a few factors that go into whether or not you get a free VoxBox. But the most important things in order are: People following you, Impact score, reviews done, snaps answered and active on the website.

Brands decide what demographic they want their products to be offered too, and your answers to your profile survey and surveys help them match you.

Being active on the Influenster website is key. Complete your profile and all snaps in full. I will explain snaps next.  Explore all areas of the website. Read other people's reviews and interact by leaving a helpful comment or suggestion. Put your own reviews up, of products you are using at home every day. Add Influenster to your safe email contacts, so you never miss a VoxBox survey email. They are time sensitive.

Reviews must be well written. Simple quick reviews are pointless. You could have 3000 of those and never get picked for a VoxBox. Make sure your reviews are very well written and longer than a few sentences. 

Social Nature 

Everything about Social Nature is totally free for you. The products to try, having an account and even money saving coupons. All at zero cost to you ever.

Once you make your Social Nature account and complete your profile in full, you are set. You are officially able to get all natural products mailed right to your home in exchange for your thoughts and online review.

The first thing to check out when you sign in, is the "Try Products" tab and choose Canada. Always make sure to click Canada to ensure the offers you see are available to you.

The best tip I can give you for this program, is to not wait for emails about new products. Sign into your account at least once a week to see if there are any new offers you can apply for.

The products are all natural and offers change from time to time. When there are new products to up for review, you can click Try It and answer a couple of quick questions. Sometimes you will be automatically approved just based on your answers. Other times it will tell you we will let you know. This just means to watch your emails and account to see if you get in.

After testing many products with the Social Nature program, it has quickly become a favourite in my home. While trying to eat healthier options, and try more all nature products it has been a bonus.

If you don't do a review for a free product you got from Social Nature you won't be offered further products to test. So respect your account and make sure to do your reviews.

The best part about Social Nature, is you don't have to refer friends! All you have to do is request free products when they are available, and share your honest reviews online.


Catit is the perfect place for Cat parents to sign up and make an account. Monthly members are offered a chance to try cat related products in exchange for their online reviews. 

Offers can be everything from cat treats, toys, cat towers, litter boxes and more. 

You must make a free account and apply when the new product testing offers go live during the first week of every month. Watch your emails to see if you have been picked for the current months offers. It's a super popular program so don't be let down if you don't get picked right away. Keep applying until your turn comes up. 

Topbox Circle Product Testing

Make a free Topbox Circle account and complete your profile in full. Check in weekly for new surveys to be picked for free beauty products in the mail to test. Topbox Circle offers high end beauty brand products to their members totally free of charge in exchange for their honest reviews.

Having your Instagram account public will help you get picked for product missions. Check your account often so you don't miss out on a time sensitive survey. Surveys are 2 second questionaries' to match you with free products.


BzzAgent is a program that has been around for years. I have been fortunate to have been a member from day one. They did close down for a bit and revamped how they work. The new way is much better and keeps the freebie hunters away from their missions. 

TIP: If you see a product testing offer on a freebie website or page, do NOT click the link to sign up. It will actually get your account banned for good. Free products to test are not offered publicly and the freebie pages that post such offers are scamming you. 

Make a free BzzAgent account, answer all the questions in your sign up questionnaire about your interests. Once you are all signed up watch your emails for invites into product testing offers. They are time sensitive so don't put off answering an email invite. 


Butterly is a very popular product testing website to join. Complete your profile and connect all your social media accounts. 

Check your Butterly account often and watch for emails to apply to get into product testing campaigns. Campaigns are often skin care, beauty products and household products used for cleaning and even toys for kids to test! 

You earn points for every review you do, the higher the points the better the odds of being picked for product reviews. 

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a long running product testing website. Complete your profile and do reviews on their website of products you have already tried or use in your home. Watch for applications to be live to apply to test products free. 

Once you are picked for a product testing offer you will get an email with your instructions. 

Products take about 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door once you are picked for a campaign.

Product Testing Programs that Have Costs

Some product testing programs do have some costs to them. This doesn't make them not legit, it just makes them different. They are still legitimate programs and worth checking out. 

You may have to pay for the product up front, and you will be reimbursed, or you could get a high value product to test at a very reduced price. 

Shopper Army

The Shopper Army program has completely free product testing offers but more often they have campaigns you have to pay for first. This means once your product review is done you get your money back.

Make your account and answer all the questions in your profile to get started. Make sure to read every email you get inviting you to test a product to see if it's totally free or not. 

The Insiders 

The Insiders is a higher end product testing program so the products are generally more expensive. You will often be offered a product at a very reduced cost. 

Many of the products offered are cooking appliances, TV's and things of that nature. This isn't a very popular program and there have been delays in getting the products or a response from the company. 

They do sometimes offer totally free products to test, but they only come around maybe once a year. 

The Facts about Product Testing

You are probably saying to yourself how come there are only a few legit programs when I see tons posted on freebie websites? 

The truth is freebie websites need to beef up their content so they aren't seen by Google as spam. (Which they are). 

When you see survey companies listed as product testing companies you know you are not being given legitimate information. Very few survey companies ever offer product testing offers. You will be spending hours doing surveys for nothing in return. If you are anything like me your time is valuable. 

If you stick to the trusted product testing programs you will get free products in the mail to test! 

Happy product testing! 


Wishing You Good Luck!