Oh Henry Feeding Fenzy - Cash Prizes to Be Won!

 Oh Henry and Circle K Feeding Frenzy Sweeps


Feeding Frenzy Sweep Entry 

Submit your cell phone number and be ready for mass texts to come. The mass text will come and you will have a limited time from the time of that text to get to a Circle K location and buy 2 Oh Henry products. 

Once you have your Oh Henry products upload your receipt right away within the time frame to be entered into that round of prizes. 

Feeding Frenzy texts will come once a week from May 1, 2023 - May 29, 2023. The contest dates are March 28, 2023 - May 29, 2023. This contest is slightly confusing so make sure to read the rules a couple of times to understand how it will work. 

Weekly Entry In Store Prizes

Purchase 2 Oh Henry products , enter your phone number on the LIFT screen at checkout and click enter. This will give you an entry into the weekly prizes. 

Feeding Frenzy Sweeps Times


Prizes to be won

  • (9) $1000 Visa gift cards
  • (63) $100 Visa gift cards
  • (54) $50 Visa gift cards or Circle K gift cards

Wishing You Good Luck!