The Best Time to Enter an Instant Win Contest (Its Changed!)

Instant Win Contest Winning Times


A couple years ago I did an article up explaining how all my instant win prizes were won at some very specific times. It was so amazing to see people winning left right and center in my Facebook contest group by using my tips! People who had never won an instant prize were winning them often! 


Times have changed and so has the best time to win an instant prize in an instant win contest

In previous years winning an instant prize in an instant contest between 2-4 am EST was the lucky charm. This is no longer the case. Ever since the news articles about the Tim Horton's contest sweet spot times most contests have tweaked their winning times. 

In the last 3 months I personally have won over 23 instant prizes and none of them were in the middle of the night or early morning. The majority were around noon EST time. With the Pepsi instant win that just started I won all 3 of my instant prizes around 2 PM EST. 

So When is the Best Time to Enter an Instant Win?

The brutally honest answer is there is no longer a best time to enter an instant win contest. Long gone are the days of 2 -4 am EST being a great time. 

Each contest will have its own algorithm and prize winning times. If you pay attention to the times others are winning and can learn the algorithm in the first few days of an instant win contest you could hit the lucky winning time. 

There are certain instant win contests that time doesn't matter at all. These are seeded contests. You enter your unique pin code and it won't matter what time of day you enter. It is already either a winner or a loser. I no longer enter seeded contests, they aren't worth the time for me or the money to buy a product with a pin that could already be a losing pin. 

The best advice I can give you as someone who has won thousands of instant win prizes, is to enter when you feel lucky!! 

Don't enter when you see someone post online that they just won an instant prize in a particular contest. Because you are guaranteed to lose. If someone has won an instant prize that time slot is gone and another prize won't be released right away. Wait a few hours and then enter. 

Entering instant win contests should be fun, don't worry about times. Just enter when you feel the urge and you could be a lucky winner. Remember to come share your screenshots of your latest wins in the Contesting with Confidence group where we all share our amazing wins. 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!