Do I Need a PayPal Account for Contests?

 PayPal Account When Entering Contests

Do you need a PayPal account for contest prizes? 

More and more contests are finding ways to cut a few costs in shipping prizes. In the last few months I have come across quite a few contests offering prizes of PayPal cash to winners. One example is the current Hockey and Coca-Cola contest where you can instantly win a Coke product but they pay the prize out with a $3 PayPal deposit. 

I have had a PayPal account for too many years to even remember. I have never had a single incident or my account being hacked or at risk in any way. It's a great way to get cash prizes sent to you and can be easily withdrawn right into your bank account. Or even better you can use that PayPal balance online to shop at thousands of websites. Many bloggers giveaway PayPal cash all the time. There is a large amount of giveaways you may miss out on if you don't have a PayPal email to provide.

PayPal is safe and secure as long as you follow their recommendations when you make your account. Like any other online account the safety of it is up to your due diligence in setting up the security settings. 

If you want to be able to win prizes in cash  using PayPal it's worth making a free account. At the end of the day you make the best decisions for yourself and your contest hobby.

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!