How to Enter Contests on the Canadian Olympic Club Website.

 Canadian Olympic Club Contests

The Canadian Olympic Club is always having great contests for their members to win prizes. To enter these contests you use points! Often this leads to confusion and people don't enter because they don't have the points to enter the contests. 

This post is here to help you navigate the how to's of entering contests on the Olympic Canada website. 

How to Earn Points to Enter Contests

There are a few ways to earn points on the website that can be used to enter their current contests. You gain points by selecting your favourite sports, athletes, viewing games profiles and more. All very simple and quick ways to earn some points. There are daily limits to the amount of points you can earn. 

  • Visit the How to Gain Points area of the website.
  • Follow each of the links there to earn the stated amount of points.

How to Enter a Contest with Points

Once you have accumulated some points it's time to enter them to win prizes. Make sure you are a little picky about what you enter. Use your points wisely to enter for prizes you really want to win. 

Visit the Rewards page to see the current running contests for you to enter. 

Pick the contest you want to enter, and here is where you are going to use your points to gain your entries. Generally contests cost 25 points per entry.  Use the drop down arrow to select how many entries you want to do with your allotted points. 


Once you have successfully used your points to enter a pop up will show up telling you that you are officially entered in to win. You will now see that the points have been deducted from your account. 


It is super easy to rack up points on the website by completing simple actions. Save them up or use them as you earn them. Obviously the more entries into a particular contest will give you a better shot of winning a prize, so watch for contests you really want to win. 

Current Running Olympic Canada Club Contest

The current running contest is to win 1 of 20 $15 Skip the Dishes discount. 

Wishing You Good Luck!