Would You Dumpster Dive for Contest Pin Codes?

Contest Pin Codes - Dumpster Diving

Pin Code Season

In Ontario where I live dumpster diving is legal. I haven't done much research about other provinces but in 2009 the Court of Canada decided that individuals do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their garbage.

The term dumpster diving is kind of a blanket term for searching through someone else's refuse for something. When you hear the term dumpster diving I am sure you are picturing a person head down into a garbage bin looking for scraps. That's not exactly what is means when you are searching for contest pin codes.

Many extreme contester's love going on the hunt for unused and discarded contest pin codes and they even WIN with them. Many people who have no interest in contests could care less about a pin code on the packaging and simply throw it away when the product is used. Those discarded pin codes could be the big winners in a contest and headed for the dump.

Let me make it clear most contester's are searching through recycle bins that can be easily seen and not too hard to just grab a cereal box or pop top with a contest code on it. They are not head down in dumpsters getting covered in garbage (okay some are lol) but very few in Canada.

Thousands of winning pin codes make their way into the garbage without being claimed and many contester's have won great prizes from pin codes they found while looking through other peoples recycling bins and dumpster diving.

What kind of contest codes can you find by looking in someones recycle bins ?

There are two different codes that can be found on packaging for contests. UPC codes and pin codes.

UPC codes for contests

UPC codes are the universal product code bars on packaging. Some contests only ask for that code for you to enter and win a prize.

Pin Code Contest

Pin Codes are distinct codes on packing or under pop lids and no two are the same. Each unique code could win you a prize.

Pin code contests are a ton of fun to enter and most offer an instant prize that pops right up on the screen giving you instant gratification.

When entering pin code contests there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning. Like picking the right time to enter your code. Not entering all your codes at one time and more.

Wishing You Good Luck!