Prize Wins in 2022

2022 Is almost over and what a contest year it has been! 

This year I entered less contests than ever before and still ended up having a wonderful year of prizes and surprises. 

Like everyone else 2022 was a hard year for me. One of the hardest for me I think. But through everything I made sure to have my contest therapy hours every day. I say contest therapy because for me it really is. The time I spend online entering to win prizes takes me away from my everyday troubles even for a short while. Some days that meant only a few quick minutes in the morning. 

2022 prize wins - The Contest Library

But even with the lack of entering contests, I won some pretty amazing prizes

I did change up my contest entering habits this year, and I quite enjoyed my new way of doing things. I stuck with entering contests for prizes I really wanted or needed. I also tried to think of things my closest friends and family could use when entering. 

2022 Prizes Won

This list is going in order of winning starting in January. All prizes can be seen on my Instagram account. I am big on transparency, and if I am helping people win prizes like I do, then they should be able to see my advice at work.

  1. $250 Wardrobe gift card -Dr.Oetker instant win contest
  2. (5) Free  product coupons for Dr. Oetker Pizza
  3. BeFit Prize pack - Instagram giveaway
  4. Free Canada Toque from Kraft giveaway
  5. (2 )Crayola Color Steam toys - Instagram giveaway
  6. $100 Red Lobster gift card - Local giveaway
  7. Taste Glory prize pack - Instant win contest
  8. Heineken mittens - Instant win contest
  9. (2)X Raptors pillows - Raptors app contest
  10. Heineken Decoration Set - Instant win contest
  11. Raptors Hooded Sherpa - NBA gift card win
  12. Raptors body pillow - NBA gift card win
  13. (2) $100 Sobeys gift cards - Instant win contest
  14. Heart Shaped Pizza - Boston Pizza Facebook giveaway
  15. $25 McCafe gift card - Local giveaway
  16. (2)Toronto Maple Leaf tickets - Ford Fan Deck giveaway
  17. Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Instagram Giveaway
  18. (5) Free product coupons - Dr.Oetker instant win contest
  19. (2) Free product coupons for Oatmeal - Tasty Rewards instant win contest
  20. Reese Easter Egg prize pack - Snapchat Instant win contest
  21. $50 NBA gift card - Sweeter Together instant win contest
  22. Canadian Olympic pin- Toyota Instagram giveaway
  23. $25 Little Caesars gift card - Batman giveaways
  24. Raptors Anniversary Jersey - Sweeter Together instant win 
  25. (5) Dr.Oetker Pizza coupons - Instant win contest
  26. (2) Raptors Hats - Sweeter Together contest
  27. Canada Dry T-Shirt - Instant win contest
  28. Equifruit prize pack - Instagram giveaway
  29. Jamieson limited edition prize pack - Website draw contest
  30. Sweeter Together grand prize - valued at $10,000
  31. $1000 Pre-Paid gift card - Jamieson entry contest
  32. $10 Harveys gift card - Instant win
  33. Wattne Massage Gun - Local Instagram giveaway
  34. NBA Ibaka shirt - NBA gift card win
  35. (2) We the North Towels - NBA gift card win
  36. $20 Amazon gift card - Instant win contest
  37. $100 Grocery gift card - General Mills instant win
  38. $179 Runners-  Instant win contest
  39. Keurig Supreme Machine - Ginger Ale instant win contest
  40. (29) Pairs of $179 runners - Instant win contest
  41. Bad Boys appliance prize pack - Local giveaway
  42. $200 NBA gift card - Instant win contest
  43. Autumn prize pack- Local giveaway on Instagram 
  44. $50 FCH gift card - Instant win
  45. Raptors Pupper Jacket - Draw contest
  46. (54) Free product coupons for Axe - Raptors instant win contest
  47. (23) $10 RSA gift cards - Raptors App instant win
  48. $50 Visa gift card - Add Joy instant win contest
  49. Raptors hat - Sweeter Together instant win
  50. $50 Visa gift card - Add Joy instant win
  51. $25 Visa gift card  - Nescafe instant win
  52. Kids Toronto Maple Leafs Stick and Puck - Local giveaway
  53. Good Luck Care Bear - Local draw giveaway
  54. $50 Visa gift card - Nescafe instant win
  55. Foodland Bag & gift card - Draw contest
  56. (2) Crystal Pepsi bucket hats - Instagram giveaway
  57. (43) Running jackets - Michelob Ultra instant win
  58. Blue Jays Shirt - Instant win contest
  59. $20 McCafe gift cards - Instant win contest
  60. Raptors Basket Ball - Instant win Raptors app
  61. $25 Visa gift card - McCafe instant win contest
  62. Raptors Socks - Instant win Raptors app
  63. Free Hair Swag - Instant win contest
  64. Free Cheese - instant win contest
  65. $100 Georgian Mall gift card - Instagram giveaway
  66. Autographed Album - DJ Khaled - Coca-Cola contest
  67. Raptors Jersey for Mya my cat - NBA gift card contest
  68. (2) $25 Visa gift cards - Instant win
  69. (7) Raptors NBA Shirts - Michelob Ultra Instant win contest
  70. (2) Pepsi Free product coupons - Instant win contest
  71. Raptors Hat - Starting Line Up Instant win
  72. $50 NBA gift card -  Starting Line Up Instant win

I am super pleased with this years wins! There is still a month left to the year, but I am entering very few over December this year. 

It's always so much fun to look back over the year and see all the prizes you won. I hope you had a great year of contest entering and wins!

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Good Luck in everything you enter! 


Wishing You Good Luck!