Where to Find Online Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Online Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Finding online contests, sweepstakes and giveaways is super easy, especially if you know what you are looking for! 

There are countless places to find current running contests and sweepstakes to enter for your chance to win a prize. I am going to make it much easier for you with this complete list of places to find all the contests, sweepstakes and giveaways you could ever want to enter. 

Note * This list is contests in Canada open to Canadians. 

 Places to Find Online Contests & Giveaways


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1. Searching Google the Right Way

Knowing how to tweak your Google searches can really help you find the best contests in your area. Changing a couple settings in your Google searches can really do wonders for finding the best contests and sweepstakes. Source > How to search Google the right way

2. Royal Draw Daily Gift Card Giveaways


Many people have asked if Royal Draw is legit. It 100% is a legit place to win gift cards. Every day a new gift card giveaway opens for you to enter. I have won gift cards myself and many of my contest group members have as well.  It may take a little longer to win as this is a very popular website, but consistency is key.

Click the "Enter Draw" button below to enter today's gift card giveaway. 

3. LEO – Leger Opinion Contests


LEO is one of Canada’s best spots to make a little extra cash with surveys, but they also give away tons of prizes every month to members. Totally free to make an account and super easy to earn with. When you complete a survey you can enter your survey points into their giveaways and still earn cash at the same time.

4. Steamy Kitchen Giveaways

Yes Steamy Kitchen giveaways are legit and people are winning prizes all the time. They are super popular but totally worth entering. Steamy Kitchen Giveaways. Each giveaway will disclose what country it is open to. Many are open to Canada.

5. Import Dragons Giveaways

Import Dragons is a great spot to enter for toy prize packs. There are always multiple giveaways happening! I have won a prize pack in their giveaways and they are simply amazing!

6. The Raptors App

Download the Raptors app and check it frequently. There are always new contests popping up in the app. Always check the rules before entering. Many of the contests are open to Ontario only, but you will find ones open to all of Canada as well. Often there will be games to play that enter you in to win prizes. 

7. The Beer Store Contests (ONTARIO)

The Beer store is always giving away prizes in contests and sweepstakes. They run their contest promotions on their website, and their social pages. They are open to residents of Ontario. When there is a contest running it will be advertised on their home page of the website. Beer store contests

8. Local Contests

Local to you contests are amazing to enter and win. Local contests also tend to have lower entries than provincial or nationwide contests. Info : How to find local contests

9. YTV Contests

YTV has tons of great contests geared to kids. Each month new contests are added with new and amazing prizes. YTV Contests

10. Golf Channel Contests

Golf lovers The Golf Channel is the spot to check for golf contests. New contests are added often with tons of golf related prizes to be won. Each contest will have it’s own set of rules.

11. Landmark Cinemas Contests

Movie lover? Landmark Cinemas contests are always running. Prizes vary from free movies for a year to movie prize packs and more.

12. Monster Energy Sweepstakes

Monster energy is often running a text to win sweepstakes. Each will have it’s own rules and outline what provinces the prizes are available for. Prizes are generally really cool swag, trips, concerts and more.

13. Walmart Receipt Contest

Walmart has a year round contest running and you could win $1000! Doing your receipt survey is totally worth it. 2 Lucky people in my private contest group have won the $1000 and it’s an amazing feeling. Walmart Receipt Contest

14. Tasty Rewards Contests

Tasty Rewards is a couponing portal to help you save money. They also have monthly contests for $1000 cash as well as instant win contests! Check with their contest page monthly for the latest contests for you to enter. You do have to be a member to enter and win. Membership is totally free.

15. 7-Eleven Contests

7 -Eleven always has fun contests running. Almost all are purchase needed contests but offer a no purchase needed option for all. The no purchase needed entry option is usually a link found in the rules where you can complete the entry form without making any purchase at all. You do need to have a 7 Rewards account which is also totally free. Make sure to read the rules of each contest before entering. Check out 7 Eleven Contests and Promos

16. Vaccines 411 Contests

Vaccines411 has contests running all the time. There are usually numerous winners and the prizes are gift cards. These are super easy to enter and generally only have a few questions and an entry form for you to complete. Check out Vaccines411 contests

17. Shop Beer Gear

Shop Beer Gear always has numerous contests running at any given time. Almost all of the contests are pin code contests. Sometimes you will find a contest there that is just an entry form.

Each contest will have their own set of rules and be open to specific parts of Canada. There will also be a no purchase needed option in each set of rules. You do have to be age of majority to enter and win any of their contests.

Check out all the Shop Beer Gear contests

18. By Following me on Instagram

I share a ton of giveaways in my Instagram stories and on my feed. Follow me on Instagram to see what the latest giveaway open to Canada has been shared there. Check the stories often. Caffeinated_Angie

19. In Store Advertisements 

Many times in store advertisements are placed before the contest even starts. Watch in the grocery isles and at check outs for new contests you can enter online. 

20. Liquor and Beer Stores

A quick stroll through the beer or liquor store and you are going to see tons of contests on packaging. There are always pin code contests and scan to win contests running at any given time. Not all alcohol contests make it to Shop Beer Gear, so it pays off to take a stroll to see what contests you can find.

21. Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to find a giveaway or contest that is running. Searching a few variations of hashtags will bring up tons of results. Remember to make sure they are open to Canada before entering. 

22. Your Email Newsletters

When we sign up for email newsletters we are the first to know about an upcoming contest. Oftentimes people unsubscribe for email newsletters once a contest is over, I do not. It's a great way to know when a new contest is coming, and even score bonus entries for being a subscriber. 

23. Circle K 

Circle K is always having a fun online instant win contest or draw contests. There are usually at least 2 running at the same time, so check back often to see what online contests are waiting for you. Circle K Games contests.

24. Your Contest Tribe 

Your contest tribe is the few close contest friends who come across a contest and generously share the information with you. Making sure you have seasoned contest lovers as your tribe can really increase your odds of being made aware of the best new online contests for you to enter. 

25. Contests Facebook Page (My page)

Follow along on my contest page on Facebook for the latest posted contests and random giveaways. 

26. Local Real Estate Agency's   

Search out your local Real Estate agencies and follow them on social media. They often having local only contests and giveaways for their followers. These contests often pick up contests, which means if you win a prize you will have to pick it up in person. 

27. Shopping Mall Contests

Shopping Malls are always having an online contest and there are so many great prizes to win. Follow your local malls on social media and sign up for their email newsletters. These contests also are pick up contests which means you will have to visit the mall to pick up prizes won. 

28. Telus 

Telus is a cell phone company that is always giving its customers prizes in different online contests. You do have to be a customer to enter almost all of their online contests. 

29. Best Buy Blog Giveaways 

The Best Buy Blog giveaways are a great place to win some amazing prizes. I won a 3-D printer in one of their giveaways that I actually love! These are simple comment to win and share on social media giveaways. Each will have its own set of rules and generally only run for a couple weeks. There are always numerous giveaways running at the same time. 

30. Receipt Survey Contests

Almost every receipt you get now has a code and a survey on it to win gift cards to the store you have shopped at. Stores such as Walmart, Loblaws, Shopper's Drug Mart and I could go on forever with stores that have survey contests. These are totally worth entering online for a chance to win. The Walmart survey contest is one that is very popular. I personally know 3 people who have won a $1000 Walmart gift card for completing their surveys! 

Wishing You Good Luck!