Ontario Only Contests and Giveaways

Live in Ontario (Canada) and love contests? This is the post for you! Many online contests and giveaways are open to select provinces only. Since I live in Ontario my personal focus is on contests local to my province and city. 

Entering province specific contests can really increase your odds of winning a great prize online. Only people in that province are eligible to win, which makes the pool of contest entries lower. 

Each contest will have its only entry limit. Beside each one I will let you know if it's a daily entry, weekly entry, single entry or instant win contest

Only contests that are legitimate and worth entering make it to this list. Small prize contests like a $25 gift card are not worthy of this list. 

Contests for Ontario 

As I come across contests that belong here they will be added. 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!