Prize Tracking Spreadsheet Setup

Prize Tracking

Do you track prizes you win? There are so many reasons why you should and it can be so fun to look back at the amazing prizes you won't during the year. Keeping track of prizes won using a spreadsheet is easier than you may think. You can track the value of prizes and whether they arrived in the mail yet or not.It's amazing how many little but wonderful prizes you forget about when you don't keep track.

Setting up your own personal spreadsheet is super easy, and you can have fun with it. Add colors to columns and track your prizes in your own special way. If you are serious about your contesting hobby a spreadsheet is a must.

2023 Prize Spreadsheet - Contestlibrary.ca

Steps to Making a Prize Tracking Spreadsheet

  • First visit Google Sheets
  • Under personal click on Go to Google Sheets
  • Click Blank to start a brand new spreadsheet

You can also use my template to get yourself started. You can make a copy of my prize spreadsheet  and then edit it as you wish. This will save the spreadsheet to your Google Sheets. From there you can customise each column and make the spreadsheet your own. It's super easy-peasy.

Benefits of Keeping a Prize Spreadsheet

  • See what prizes haven't arrived so you can track them down.
  • See the value at the end of the year of all the prizes you have won
  • Feeling down because you haven't won lately, your spreadsheet will give you a boost
  • Tracking who to thank for prizes received
  • Being able to see which contests you do best in. IE : Instant wins, comment to wins and so on.
  • Knowing which brands have yearly reoccurring contests to watch their social media

Tracking your wins can really boost your morale and get you entering more contests like the ones you have won. Focusing on the ones you didn't win will only bring you down.

Wishing You Good Luck!