Do People Really Win Prizes With the Best Buy Blog Giveaways?



I get so many emails and messages about certain giveaways and contests, asking "Do people really win?" 

The Best Buy Blog giveaways are one of those I get asked about a lot. So I am going to answer here so if you have been wondering here is the answer. 

Are there really Best Buy Blog winners? 

The simple answer is YES! See the latest Best Buy Blog giveaways

I have only entered a handful of their giveaways because I am super picky about only entering for prizes I really want or even need. 

But on my 4th giveaway on the Best Buy Blog giveaways I won a prize I had been dreaming about forever!!

On February 8. 2023 I got the email telling me I had won a 3-D printer!! I was running around my house dancing! No joke! A 3-D printer is something I always wanted because I am into dollhouse miniatures and dreamed of all the things I could be printing right at home. 


Prizes you win on the Best Buy Blog arrive at your door super fast too. Seriously the best run giveaways I have come across in so long. 

How the Process Works if You Win

If you are picked as a lucky winner in one of their giveaways you will get an email. This email is time sensitive!! You have only 48 hours to respond to that email or you lose your prize. When I tell you this I am not joking. I have seen numerous people lose out on their prizes for not responding on time. There is no wiggle room. You MUST respond right away. 

Once you respond to the first email, the next email will come with your prize claim forms. Again this email is time sensitive and must be responded to right away!

Now that claim forms are done, you should expect your prize to arrive super fast!  

Can you win more than once? 

Yes! I know a few people who have won 5+ times! Your comment quality matters and that you follow all the rules and get any extra entries that they allow. When they ask you to share a public post on your social media make sure to do that too. Yes they check! 

The giveaways are super popular, so be picky about the ones you really want to win and only enter those. Don't give up, there are definitely winners and the next one could be you!

Good luck! 🍀

Wishing You Good Luck!