Answering 5 Asinine Statements I Have Gotten About Contesting



All bloggers get an array of emails, social media messages and comments on their posts that are just plain asinine. I shared the top 5 that are just way past foolish in my private contest group on FB so we could all have a little laugh, but I didn't answer any of the 5 that I shared. That's what this post is. Answer time baby!! 

Top 5 Asinine Contest Emails, Comments and Statements & A Response for Each

Definition of Asinine

I am going to answer the 5 most asinine messages, comments and emails I have gotten as a contest blogger. 

1) Please don't post this contest it will decrease my odds of winning. (Social media message) 

This hilarious message had me rolling on the floor. You always hear about sweepers not being liked, and this is why. There actually really are some shitty people out there who only think of themselves. 

My Response : I will post what I like when I like! I started this blog to help people actually start winning. There are many websites out there claiming they can help you win, but their content is thin and no real actual help unless you are willing to dish out your hard earned money. That's NOT this blog. I want to see people who have struggled to understand how contests really work have an actual chance at winning prizes. It's an amazing feeling to see someone win their very first prize. 

So if there is a contest that I believe has great odds of someone winning a prize I am going to share it! It will be shared here on the Contest Library, on my Social media platforms and I may even scream it from the roof tops for the bitter bears who hate it. 

2) You win everything so what's the point of you posting contests? (An email) 🤣

My Response : Let me start by saying "HUH"? I win everything? Oh how I wish! LOL I do win many amazing prizes and so do hundreds of other people who are entering contests. But I most definitely don't win everything. That is not even a logical thought to have. 

There are so many contests I share here and in my contest group, that I never even enter once. I am not someone who feels the need to win it all. (We all know who you are when you whine online) lol. You generally win about 1% of what you enter. Think about that for a moment. If I enter 1000 contests in a month I may win 10 prizes in total. 

Again... I share only contests that my readers have an actual shot of winning. And as any of my private group members know, they are winning!!  We see all the amazing prizes being posted when they arrive in the mail, and we celebrate everyone's wins. 

3) If you really want to help people win you would enter the contests for them? (Social media message)

My Response : This message had to have come from someone who understands nothing about entering contests. Entering contests for other people who go against almost every contest rules. What a service that would be completely free!

So many contests actually have your IP address once you enter. So entering for other people all over Canada would be insanity. Me entering for others would not help them win anything, but it could get them and me banned from the contest. 

4) Since you promote contests you shouldn't be able to enter (Social media comment) 

My Response : This one is hard to respond to because well it's asinine! 🤣 I don't work for these brands holding the contests. I do NOT do sponsored posts about contests, because quite frankly that is yuck! 

I enter a contest and see that it's a great contest and share with my readers and group members. There is no logical or legal reason I shouldn't be able to enter the same contest I share with others. Some people need to give their head a shake before typing online. 

5) You don't post all the contests so what's the point? ( An email) 

I actually LOVE this statement while thinking it's hilariously stupid. 

My Response : I absolutely do not post every contest I come across. I also avoid aggregate websites at all costs! For me personally I think its horrible that so many freebie/contest websites post every single contest swamping small brands and local contests with NON-Eligible entries. 

I proudly avoid posting many many contests here on the Contest Library. The whole point of entering contests is for a chance to win a prize. Posting contests with a small prize under a $100 value that is in a small Canadian town somewhere makes no logical sense. 

Only the BEST CANADIAN CONTESTS make it here on the Contest Library. Contests with real shots of actually winning a prize. 

A huge thank you to these 5 very confused souls. I hope they find happiness and win some amazing prizes!

Happy contesting everyone! 

Wishing You Good Luck!