Websites and Tools I Personally Use for My Contest Hobby

If your contest hobby is new you may be wondering where to start. Knowing the right websites and tools to use will help you get started winning prizes. There are a few tools I find myself using a lot when it comes to my contest hobby. 


Contest Tools & Websites 

Here are some of my most used websites and tools I use for my contesting hobby. 

1) Contest Queen 

The Contest queen website is full of information about winning and even offers Master Classes if you want to really delve into this hobby we call contesting. You can find everything from the next sweepers events, to picking up one of her books about winning prizes and the how to's. 

Visit the Contest Queen Website :

2) Google Spreadsheets

Did you hear about the Ontario man who just won the lottery thanks to his lottery tracking spreadsheet? I have always used a spreadsheet for my contest hobby. It's a great way to track your prize wins, have a spreadsheet of your daily entry contests so you never forget them, and so much more. All totally free to use. I have a template that I use to track my wins that you are welcome to copy and use for your own prize wins.  Get your prize spreadsheet 

3) Google Autofill

Google Autofill saves a ton of time when entering a time sensitive instant win contest, or just completing forms. It's super easy to use and completely free.  How to set up Google Autofill 

Some contestors like RoboForm and swear by it. It is a paid version but does offer a wider variety of options. 

4) Word Counter

When it comes to entering a contest using the no purchase needed entry option, essays are almost always a part of that. Using a word counter to type your essay up, makes it so much easier. It counts your words as you type so you know if you have hit the required number of words for a contest. Then you simply copy and paste to enter whatever contest you are entering. 

5) Adobe Fill & Sign App

When you win a prize in Canada, there are claim forms to complete. These forms come to your email, and they ask that you print them out, complete them and send them back. This is how you claim your prize. It used to be that you needed a printer, and some people have lost out of prizes because they didn't have a printer. Those days are long gone. You can just use an app to complete prize claim forms that even include your signature. 

6) Canva 

When it comes to entering photo contests or photo giveaways on Instagram or TikTok Canva is a great free photo program to use. There is also a paid version, but in all the years I have been using it, I never felt the need to pay. Everything you need is offered in the free version. It's a great way to add flare to your photos and get them a little extra attention.

7) Google Search 

Searching out for contests on your own without aggregate websites is the absolute best way to find better low entry contests and local contests. You will find you can win many more prizes by finding contests on your own. Using Google search the right away is the perfect way to find the latest giveaways and contests close to you. 

8) Contest Aggregates 

After years and years of entering contests and winning prizes, I rarely find myself wanting to use the aggregate websites. The contests posted there are swamped with entries lowering your chances of winning right from the start. In fact I recommend searching out your own contests to enter, which does increase your odds of winning prizes. 

The other big issue with a handful of aggregate websites is the referral links that are posted. These just kind of knocking the average person who is entering right out of the running when they are posted on those types of websites. 

Here are the only contest aggregates that I visit because there are no referral links, so scams and the information can be trusted. 

  • Red Flag Deals Contest Forum - Great place to visit if you have entered a contest and ran into a snag. Lots of conversation of glitches and help with non working contest forms. 
  • The Contest Girl - They also post the United States & International Contests. Make sure you only enter the Canadian contests. Only disadvantage to this website is that when a contest is over it's removed right away. Which hinders wanting to check back on an old contest you may have entered to see the rules again or search back dates. Other than that all the links are safe and the content is valid. 
Happy Entering! 🍀
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