How to Use Contest Referral Links the Right Way

 Contest Referral Entry Links


Referral links have long been a topic that brings on lots of debates. There are ways to properly share your referral links to gain bonus entries and I am going to explain them all to you. 

The first step is to read the rules. Many referral contests state in their rules you MUST KNOW the people you refer with your special link. Make sure to read the rules before entering a referral contest so you know what the guidelines are.  

I personally have no issue using a friends referral link and often I look for those first. It brings great contest karma to help a friend get an extra entry or two. If you want to let them know you used their link, just comment on the post : UYL = Used your link. 

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a special link you get offered after entering some contests. This link can be shared with your family and friends and sometimes on social media. When someone enters that contest using your link you get an extra chance at winning the prize(s).

How do I get my referral link?

Once you enter a referral contest and hit submit you will be asked to share it. You can either click on the social media icons or you can copy and paste your link. I don't even use the social media icons to share, I find they actually don't attach your referral code to them. I simply copy the unique link and then paste it where I am going to share it.  See image below for an example of your referral link.

Sharing a Referral Link

Where can I post my referral link?

Referring back to the rules, check them first before posting it anywhere. If it allows for social media shares which many do you are going to post on social media. 

This does NOT mean in Facebook groups and on Facebook pages. This means on YOUR social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok are great spots to post your referral links. 

Places to NOT share your referral links

  • Facebook groups that don't allow referral links which are any reputable groups.
  • To strangers inboxes on social media
  • Posting it to your own profile and then tagging people. (This is SPAM) 
  • On other peoples social media walls or accounts
  • By email to people you have no connection with
  • Contest forums 
Here on the Contest Library there is never and will never be a contest referral link. Its just plain wrong for a platform such as mine to insert those links. It gives me an unfair advantage and that is just not right. MANY and I mean many freebie pages and Frugal pages do use their referral links and never disclose that they are referral links. Avoid these links. These are referred to as dirty links. Below I will show you an example of a dirty link on a public contest page using their referral link. 

What a Referral Link Looks Like

From a fairly large Facebook page 🙄

When you click the links pictured above you can see the links are referrals. Pages that post them have no class. It gives you almost zero chance of winning if the prize is going to someone with the most referrals. 


Referral links have codes and a string of numbers and letters after the actual website address. This gives the referrer extra entries into the contest. Sometimes you will even see ref in front of a string of characters.

When you come across this and you don't want to enter using the referral link, you can just back space the referral code part and refresh your page and then enter.  

At the end of the day referral links are a great way of sharing a contest, but do it with honesty and integrity. Remember good karma is a must with this hobby.

Good luck! 

Wishing You Good Luck!