Tim Hortons Roll Up to Win Contest Glitches

 Tim Horton's 2023 Roll Up to Win Glitches

Tim Hortons Contest Glitches

Here we go again! The whiners not winners are out in full force over the Tim Horton's Contest!

The 2023 Roll up to Win contest added a new prize for customers this year and it led to issues. 

The $10,000 American Express Gift card prize has people up in arms because of a simple glitch. 

The prize itself is very clearly described in the rules and regulations of the contest, yet clearly most people don't ever read rules in full. It's the number one reason people don't win prizes! 

A few people got an instant winner notification pop up after doing their roll that they had won a $10,000 prize. To anyone who had done as they were supposed to before putting their name to a document , they didn't read the rules. The pop up instant prize notification was in fact just a glitch. But in this new world we live in, everyone is owed something and have never made a mistake in their life. 🙄

Tim Hortons 2023 Glitch

The $10,000 is a DRAW prize. This means every time you earn a roll and do your roll you are entered into a draw for the $10,000 prize. Instant prizes are clearly outlined in the rules. 

So many angry (with their own lives) people took to Facebook and Instagram to rant and rave and look foolish. It's wild to see so many people bash a company/brand for making a mistake. Glitches happen, get the f**k over it. 

When you enter a contest and don't win, the freaking out is a joke. Put your adult panties on and get over it! Move on to another contest with a positive mindset and you very well could be a winner in that one.

Tim Hortons graciously offered these people who got the glitch notification a $50 credit to their account and yet they are still whining! Kudos to Tim Hortons for giving these people anything since they instantly took to social media to bash the brand. 

People that rant and throw toddler fits are the reason there are less contests offering amazing prizes. Why would they? A simple error and they have cancel culture chasing them down. 

If you want to win prizes and win them often, be a positive kind and just simply be a good person! It goes a long way in a world filled with too many people who got a trophy for nothing!

No contest sponsor owes you anything! Be thankful they are even having a contest for you to enter. And for f**k sakes read the rules! Every contest by a large brand has very clear rules.

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!