How to Get Your Contest Entering Mojo Back When on a Losing Streak

 Where did your contest mojo go?

Been on a losing streak and just can't get your contest entering mojo back!? First let me tell you, you are not alone! You have an entire tribe of people who have felt exactly what you are feeling. 

The first thing you need to know is that winning prizes comes in waves. You could be winning for a few months consistently and then win nothing for a couple months. This is normal it's not something you are doing or bad luck. 

Life gets busy, stressful days get in the way, holiday trips and more can all effect your contest entering. 

You could be wondering to yourself is this hobby done for me? I don't have the drive to enter anymore because I am not winning! All normal trains of thought but they might be an over reaction.

Every person is very different and different things will help you get your prize winning mojo back!

Ways to Get Your Contest Mojo Back

Not all these suggestions will help everyone. But if you find one that resonates with you hopefully it can get you back into the swing of winning prizes regularly! 

1. Spreadsheet Look Back

When I share my passion of entering contests I show people how I track all my prize wins. I have a prize wins spreadsheet that every prize I win gets added too. Even a small free burger win gets added to the spreadsheet. ( You can copy and use the spreadsheet I use).  

I do this for a few reasons. The first being that at the end of the year I can look back and see where I win the most prizes. Second being that if a prize doesn't arrive I don't just forget about it, I can see the date I won and be able to track down my prize. Third and maybe most important when I feel like I am no longer winning prizes I look back over my spreadsheet and seeing all the prizes I did win can really give a boost to get back at it. 

2. Take a complete break

Sometimes walking away from entering contests for a period of time can do wonders. During the summer months I always take a few weeks away from entering altogether. It does wonders for your excitement and when you come back to entering you are eager and ready to go. 

If you feel you are constantly losing and just don't have the excitement you need to win, step back. Don't enter a single contest or look at contest content. Trust me they will be there when you come back with your mojo back. 

3. Visit the best contest group ever!

Visit the Contesting with Confidence group and check out all the winner posts or prizes others are winning. Seeing the cool and amazing prizes others are winning can really spark that drive back in you. 

The excitement alone from the best contest lovers in Canada is usually enough to snap your mojo back into commission. 

Winners of amazing prizes share their wins and pictures of their prizes as they arrive. It's a great help for those who are struggling to win, or for those who have doubts that people really win prizes online. 

4.  Make a prize bucket list

When you feel like you have stopped winning it's time to reorganise. Sit down with your favourite drink and write out a brand new prize bucket list

Having a bucket list of things you want to win can boost your winnings. Only search out contests that are offering the prizes on your list and only enter those. Focus the small amount of mojo you may have left into things you and your family really want or need. 

5. Don't sweat it

Entering contests online and winning prizes should be fun. If it has gotten to the point of being stressful you won't win and it's not worth your mental health. 

Don't be hard on yourself or feel down about not winning. What you are meant to win, you will win. There are so many things more important in life that winning prizes and at the end of the day your peace is the most important. 

Find a different hobby until you feel like coming back to winning prizes. 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!