3 Reasons Entering Contests and Giveaways Might Not Be For You

 Maybe Online Contests and Giveaways Aren't For you 

Like anything else online such as banking, sending emails or any business matter we take care of online there are basic things that scream scam (or at least it should). The internet scammer is not a new phenomenon, and neither are the scams. When it comes to entering contests and giveaways online scams have always come with this hobby. They always have and always will. 

If these 5 things resonate with you then entering online giveaways and contests isn't the best hobby for you. I am not here to coddle you I am here to help you actually win prizes in the contests/giveaways you enter. If you get offended easily that is #6 reason online contesting isn't for you! Facts!

1. If you don't read instructions from beginning to end

If you are a skimmer when you read then entering contests and giveaways isn't the hobby for you. Any legitimate giveaway includes their rules in their giveaway. Giving you the information about when a winner is being picked and the end date of their giveaway. This is very important information to avoid being scammed. You can't be a winner if the giveaway hasn't ended yet. 

2. If You Can't Spot a Fake Website or Account

Being able to spot a fake Facebook page or a scam freebie web address is a must in this hobby. Contests and giveaways attract all the scammers and making fake pages is their forte. If you aren't able to spot them you will find yourself getting scammed very fast. 

3.  If You Are Willing to Input Your Credit Card

If sharing your credit card online is something you don't think twice about this hobby could be dangerous for you. NEVER and I mean never do you have to provide a credit card to claim any prize in Canada. Even when it comes to international contests you do not share your credit card. 

New to Entering Online Contests? 

If you are completely new to the world of entering contests and giveaways there are tons of articles here on the Contest Library to help you get started and keep you safe while online. 

Make sure to check out the contest entering tip section and the FAQ section to get started in your winning journey. 

Wishing You Good Luck!