Canadians Can Win Cash With the Picture Pick App

Regulars readers here know how much effort I put into making sure every offer shared is legit and worth it. So when I tell you I love this app I mean it! This isn’t a sponsored post, I get nothing out of sharing it with you, other than spreading the luck! One lucky person in my private contest group won $500 with Picture Pick. It’s a must check out app for sure.

Picture Pick is an app I have won consistently with, and my payouts always come in the allotted time. It’s like buying your weekly lottery ticket without paying a cent!

Picture Pick is a Canadian App, paying Canadians real cash prizes via PayPal. I have won 11 times since downloading the app and I am hooked.

How to Play Picture Pick

This is the easiest game to play for a chance to win real cash prizes! You pick 6 pictures of the 60 offered and wait for draw nights to see if you won a prize!

There are different payout levels on Friday’s draws than on Monday or Wednesday draws. I have learned that saving free plays I win until Friday draws is the best way to do it. On Friday nights there are more cash prizes to be won! But don’t miss those Monday and Wednesday draws, free plays won on those nights are perfect for Friday draws.

You want to match your 6 pictures you picked with the bottom set of pictures in the draws. You watch the video of the draw about half hour after end time, and you must watch until the end of the video to click “Did I Win”.

Get Picture Pick for Android

Get Picture Pick from the Apple App Store

Your cash prizes are sent to you using PayPal. Making a PayPal account is totally free and free to use too. It’s the only way of claiming your prizes. You get your prize about 10 days after cashing it out. You can also save up your cash prizes to cash out all at once.

It takes seconds to pick your pictures and you are set for the next draw!! Right now the grand prize is $80,000!! Could you imagine winning that off a free app!!

You can have up to 5 plays for each draw. Using free plays and your complimentary play. You never have to pay to enter and or win a cash prize.

TIP: Remember to save any extra plays you win and use them on Friday night draws. Friday night draws have more cash prizes! That is when you want you extra entries in to increase your odds of winning.

Wishing You Good Luck!