11 Tips About Entering Receipt Contests

Tips for Receipt Contests

11 Tips to Winning Receipt Contests

Receipt contests are a great way to win prizes from products you are already buying! But they can bring some headaches if you don't really know what to expect or what you are doing when entering a receipt contest. 

If you are totally new to entering contests that require receipt proof of purchase make sure to read my quick guide on how to enter receipt contests

#1 Read the rules twice

Receipt contests tend to have lots of rules and lists of participating products and even participating store locations. Running through the rules twice will save you lots of aggravation later. 

#2 Receipts can be used once

All receipt contests allow you to only use a receipt once for an entry. Don't upload the same receipt twice or you may disqualify yourself altogether from the contest and a chance at winning a prize. 

#3 Gain the max amount of entries you are allowed

This tip is very important. If a contest rules don't say " One entry per household" or " One prize per household" each adult in your home can enter the contest. Each person will have to have a unique receipt to enter but you can all enter for your chance to win. Take advantage of that and gain as many entries as you can.  A must read I learned a little something about receipt contests in 2022.

#4 Hold onto the receipts

It doesn't happen often but it's happening more and more that sponsors can ask to see the original receipt. Keep all your contest receipts until the end of a contest and about 8 weeks have passed just in case you get that congratulations email and you win. Write a small note on the receipt with the contest name you used it in. Throw them all in an envelope and don't be like me and forget where you put it. πŸ™‡

#5 Not every contest is worth it

In the first few years of my contest hobby I entered every single receipt contest available. I love receipt contests and the prizes are usually pretty cool. But in the last couple years as sponsors are asking for more and more products to be purchased for just one entry I have limited the ones I enter. Only enter the ones you really want to win a prize with. If the prize is worth the purchases you will be making to enter then it's worth it. I won a $10,000 prize with the purchase of (2) $0.87 Hershey bars. Contests like that are always worth entering.

#6 Take clear pictures

When you enter a receipt the sponsor needs to be able to read it. They aren't going to take the time to zoom the image in and struggle to read it. Make sure you take a very clear picture before uploading a contest receipt. It saves you the hassle of it getting rejected. 

#7 Make tiny notes 

After you upload your receipt into a contest, make a couple of small notes on the back. The contest name, and if more than one person in your home is entering your initials, so if you win you have your original receipt. I usually write the end date of the contest on it too. Remember an organised contester wins more often. 

#8 Save one 

If you plan on entering a receipt contest more than once (which is usually every one) save one for the very last day of the contest. I personally have had great luck with last day entry receipts. Make sure to get your very last receipt upload in on the last day. 

#9 Use your real number

Often when entering contests people like to put fake phone numbers in fear of spam calls. Receipt contests are generally run by large brands who are not going to be spam calling you. BUT they will be calling you if you win a large prize or a cash prize. If your number is fake and they can't reach you, you may lose out on your prize. 

#10 Screenshots 

Some receipt contests are instant win contests. I always suggest that people take a screenshot of your winner pop-up in case you run into issues claiming your prize. Read also : When you win an instant prize do this

#11 Time matters

Time of day matters when it comes to some receipt contests. If the receipt contest is an instant win time of day really matters. During peak midday hours is the wrong time to enter a receipt contest. Early mornings and late evenings are always best. Holiday mornings are the ultimate for winning instant prizes. 

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Wishing You Good Luck!