How to Stop Being a Bitter Bear When Entering Contests or Claiming Offers

 A Bitter Bear is essentially a Debbie Downer! Someone who brings everyone's mood down. Constant negatively and complaining and belly aching, and it's an annoyance.

Example of Bitter Bear's

The Sample Source totally free sample packs go live and peoples manners disappear . Hundreds of thousands of Canadians will be getting a box filled with samples and coupons and free product coupons.

A few of the comments on social media that are just negative and uncalled for:

" They get worse every year"

" I only got 3 samples"

" I shouldn't have to do a survey to get it"

" Yup another year nothing for me"

Seriously!? You are kidding right!!??!!?? It's a totally FREE product box. You have not had to pay a cent and in the mail will arrive a FREE sample box! Comments like those are not needed. Scroll past and move on with your life. If you don't think sponsors and brands are watching social media for opinions, they are. They are members of every group every Facebook page and on every platform. Your negative comments could be costing you, without you even realising.

A negative mindset, will for sure keep you from winning and gaining. Negative minded people are their own worst enemies and probably should stay away from a hobby like contesting.

Things that make you a Bitter Bear while contesting and signing up for offers

  • Commenting on a contest post about how you think it should be run
  • Posting negative comments about a prize
  • Commenting "I never get anything"!
  • Commenting "I never win anything"!
  • Complaining about something free
  • Throwing a fit online about a brand
  • Being a sore loser, and not being happy for the actual winners
  • Commenting that an offer isn't legit without having any actual basis or proof.
  • Degrading a brand who didn't pick you for an offer
  • Expecting something for nothing and complaining about it.
  • Putting a sad face on posts that are simply something you didn't get

Don't get me wrong, you can think about all the above and keep it to yourself!! Learn that scrolling past something is okay!! You won't die, you won't get ill, you will survive if you don't leave a negative comment on everything you come across.

Negative comments discourage people around you. It's ignorant and self serving to take the time to leave negative comments. In a world full of negativity put on your big people pants and be kind!

Ways to Stop Being a Bitter Bear in This Hobby

  • Make a conscious choice to stop
  • Spend time learning how to be positive in all aspects of your life
  • Reevaluate if this is the hobby for you
  • Get rid of your jealousy
  • Learn that scrolling past and moving on silently is okay
  • Remind yourself that your negativity affects others

For the Bitter Bear's who feel like they never get anything free, or ever win a prize: Your attitude is why, and a few changes can do wonders.

Wishing You Good Luck!