Instagram Giveaway Tagging Etiquette

 Instagram Giveaway Tagging (What NOT to do) 


Like entering giveaways on Instagram? That means tagging other people who enjoy giveaways to gain an entry and let them know a giveaway is happening! 

Almost everyone loves a great giveaway and most contest lovers don't mind being tagged in the newest giveaway. BUT any seasoned giveaway lover also knows there are limits and boundaries to what is acceptable. 

If you don't want to find yourself being reported, banned on Instagram or even blocked by other contest lovers, there are some things you just shouldn't do! (Common sense isn't everywhere!) 

Tagging Don'ts on Instagram

1. NEVER tag someone you don't follow! 

If you want to be reported for spam or get yourself blocked, then tag people you don't follow. But if you have some decency and common sense, just don't! Have enough respect to follow an account before you dare to start tagging. 

2. Don't send messages of giveaways (That YOU find interesting)

If the giveaway asks you to tag someone then "TAG THEM". Don't fill their inbox with every contest you come across! You are sure to find yourself blocked or reported as a spammer. 

3. Don't ASSUME

When it comes to tagging people in giveaways especially people who don't enter giveaways don't assume they are okay with it. Ask before tagging other people. 

4. Don't Tag relentlessly the same accounts

During contest season everyone is dealing with a ton of notifications and tags for giveaways. Tag different people once in awhile. Tagging the same people 24 hours a day is sure to get you nailed for spamming or even blocked when people get sick of it. 

5. Don't Tag People in the Wrong Province

If a giveaway is only open to Ontario then don't tag all your friends from out of province! Not only can they not enter, it does the sponsor zero benefit to have them as a follower or entering their giveaway.

6. During Giveaway Season (The holidays) DON'T tag people for nothing

During the busiest of giveaway times around any holiday DON'T tag people in non giveaway posts! Contest lovers are already getting swamped with a million tags of contests and giveaways to check out. Don't waste their time tagging them in waste of time posts. If it's NOT a giveaway save the tag for an actual giveaway instead of spamming your contest friends.

7. Don't Tag More than Once

Don't tag the same account more than ONCE on a particular giveaway post. You only need to tag the person you want once. More than once is just plain spam. 

8. Don't Tag Your Other IG Accounts

Don't be a cheater. Plain and simple. Cheaters are spotted so fast by long time contest lovers, and you will dwindle your circle of people to tag down to nothing! Myself along with hundreds of other contest lovers are blocking cheaters daily. Tagging your other legitimate or FAKE accounts is so gross. 

Wishing You Good Luck!