What AMOE Means and Why Contests Use Them

What AMOE Stands For

Definition : Alternate Method of Entry. That method is different for every contest. 

What AMOE Means for Entering a Contest

In Canada all contests that require a purchase must offer a no purchase needed entry option. This is where an AMOE comes in. 

A very common question is what does AMOE mean when you see it in the rules of any contest. It is giving you the option to enter a contest using an alternate way than the mandatory entry. It means you can use this type of entry if the main entry doesn't suit you.

Types of AMOE Entry Options 

There are different types of AMOE entry options. Each contest will have its own way of offering the alternate entry option. Reading the rules in full will tell you which one is available for that particular contest. Usually an AMOE is offered in a contest that requires a purchase. 

1. Mail in entry option

Many times the AMOE will be a mail in entry option. This means you won't have to purchase a product to enter, instead you will mail the requested information into the contest provider for your entry. Learn how mail in entry works.

2. AMOE Form

When looking at the rules of a contest see if there is a link in the rules with AMOE at the end of the link. This link is where you will enter without having to make a purchase. 

3. Email AMOE

 Quite a few contests will offer an email AMOE option. This means they will explain in the rules what information they want you to email to a specific email address. They will then email back confirming your AMOE entry.

4. QR Scan AMOE

Lots of contests offer a scan to enter AMOE option. This is especially true with certain alcohol contests. This means you can scan a QR code on a case of beer without having to buy it and have the entry link pop up for you.

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