14 Contest Winning Tips From Real Prize Winners Not Influencers/Marketers

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When you first start checking out contests online you likely start looking for tips on how to actually win. The issue with that is that many articles and tips come directly from marketers, not actual real life winners of prizes consistently. You need tips from real people who are winning real prizes and showing their wins publicly! 

Many websites and self proclaimed marketers put out generic articles about winning prizes and how to increase your chances of winning prizes. But are they winning prizes? Usually not. 

This is a compiled list of the very best tips from real people winning real prizes all the time. I asked winners in my contest group who win lots of fun prizes what one piece of advice they would give a newbie to entering online contests. These are all their responses. 

14 Contest Winning Tips from Real Winners

1.  Be Honest 

The number one tip from real prize winners is to be honest. Integrity goes a long way in the contest hobby. Use one social media account per type for entering online contests and giveaways.  

2. Read the Secret 

There are many books out there claiming to help you win in all aspects of your life. There is one that has stood the test of time and is super popular and a must read. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - Get it on Amazon here. (Affiliate link) 

3. Be Patient 

When you are new to entering contests online patience is key. It could take a few months for your winnings to start. Don't give up, just be patient and keep entering. 

4. Be Choosy 

 Don't rush to enter every single online contest or sweepstakes you spot. You won't win this way. Be choosy about what you enter and enter for things you really want to win

5. Don't be a sore loser

You aren't going to win them all. No human has ever won every contest they ever entered so don't fall for that fairy tale. Stay positive when you lose and look for your next opportunity to win. 

6. Save contest details

It's frustrating to come across a contest you want to enter at a later time and then not being able to find it late. Save information on contests that interest you. 

7. Keep your angry and sad face emojis to yourself

If you don't like a contest or giveaway post you are literally allowed to scroll on by. If a winner is announced and it's not you, you can scroll on by. There is never a reason to put a sad face or angry face on those posts. You make yourself look childish and you don't bring yourself any good karma acting like a spoiled brat. 

8. Do your own leg work

Don't expect someone else to find the rules and explain them to you. Do your own leg work when it comes to entering contests. It's not up to other people to do everything for you. Questions like is this contest a daily entry? Can others in my house enter? All questions you can find the answers to on your own by reading the rules.

9.  Be Organised

If you really want to ramp up your winnings staying organised is very important. Keep a spreadsheet of contests that let you enter daily so you never forget a day. You can use my prize spreadsheet to customise any way you like.  

10. Don't follow what everyone else does

Quote from one of the top prize winners

 " Do not follow what everyone else does. They are wrong 🤣 Think, read and you will get the results you desire. Make this your journey!"

11.  Don't be a cheater 

When it comes to tagging giveaways on Instagram or Facebook don't be a cheater. We all see you, so do the promoters, Stop embarrassing yourself. Don't tag your best friends 4 different accounts, your cat and yourself. Find real people to tag. 

12. Have a contest email

Having a dedicated email for all the contests you enter is the best way to never miss out on a win. Just make a brand new email and start using it for all contest entries. 

13. Snap pictures

Pictures are often a great way to win prizes. Take pictures of everything! Save them in a folder named contests and have them at your fingertips when a giveaway pops up. Especially when cooking with certain brands or using products having a few great pictures can save you tons of time when you see a contest asking for a picture or a brands product to enter. 

14. Etiquette 

Use etiquette please don't contact other contestors in a PM or on their entry and ask them to accept your friend request so you have more people to tag etc. I've had this happen a couple times I just ignore but I find it a little off putting I don't know them and I'm not sure of their true intentions are you a scammer or an over zealous contester? Either way please don't.

Doing some reading and research can go a long way in the contest world. Make sure to check out my contest tips section and my FAQ section.

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!